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Gil Won-ok

Gil Won-ok also known as Grandma Gil, is an activist and former Korean comfort woman who has dedicated her life to demanding redress and an official apology from Japan for the military sexual violence that affected over 200,000 women during World War II.

Comfort Women

" We must record these things that were forced upon us. "

Kim Hak-Soon


Comfort women were women and girls forced into being sex slaves by the Imperial Japanese Army in occupied countries and territories before and during World War II.

According to testimonies, young women were abducted from their homes in countries under Imperial Japanese rule. In many cases, women were lured with promises of work in factories or restaurants. In some cases, propaganda advocated equity and the sponsorship of women in higher education. Other enticements were false advertising for nursing jobs at outposts or Japanese army bases; once recruited, they were incarcerated in comfort stations both inside their nations and abroad.

Victim's testimony

Warning : It includes stories that directly tell about sexual abuse and violence. You don't have to read if you feel uncomfortable. It's for someone who want to know more about it.




" I was 15 years old and I was sleeping at night. the Japanese army came in and dragged me away. They tortured and stabbed us because we didn't want to enter the solider's room. Why would they drag children away, torture them, stab them with a knife, and ruined their bodies? I am not 'comfort' woman. Japan made me like this. "

Lee Yong-su

He beat and kicked me because I didn't obey him, kicked and beat me even though I was screaming. He cut out all my clothes with a knife. You can imagine when he cut here. There was all blood. There's a lot of red blood coming out, and he just raped me. He beat my toe with his knife to take off it, but it didn't fall off. I could forget it if I don't have a scar, but I can't because I have a scar.

Lee Wok-sun

Women have menstruation but they didn't care about it. They dragged us and use whatever they wanted to use, and if we were broken - we were sick or something I mean - they just threw away or kill us.

Kim Hak-soon

The commander of the army came with his knife because we didn't obey them.

He said, 'why you don't obey us? raise a hand if you can do a hundred men a night', we were fourteen years old, anyway, we raised our hand. 

There were some kids who didn't raise a hand. He asked again, 'why you didn't raise your hand?' and they said, 'What did we do so wrong to do with hundred men? Our only sin is that we lost our country. Is it a punishment for having no country?'

He said that those bitches will never obey, and he made them walk on a plate. It was a plate with 300 nails. It was like a thorn. The girls wore only underwear, and be rolled over the nail plate.  ... 

Jeong Ok-soon  

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