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the Dino Show

Video-Sound Performance, 2018-2021

‘Why did the dinosaurs die?’

From egg and dinosaurs to bird, angel and plastic bag, it's a journey about

their self, family tree, life-death and unanswered questions.

Video, Performance | Inkyoung Bae

Sound, Performance | Chanan Ben Simon

Presented in Flow, Circular City Week NY, The Bellewether

New York, USA

The dinosaur bones were excavated in a mt.trash in New York State in 9102 A.C.

Archaeologists are studying the identity of this big creature. 

They are hoping to decode the gene and restore the extinct species.



Presented in Who Comes After Us?, The Museum of Digital Arts

Hulan, Israel

Added new elements:

Plastic Tao - video, projection

Six Objects - Text Score


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