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Never Be the Same

Interactive Documentary, 2019

Never Be the Same

With climate change, our lives will never be the same


Director | Inkyoung Bae

A Korean girl went to Mongolia to fight against desertification. She became friends with the Mongolian locals. They work, talk and play each other. However, their life is gradually distorted.

This real-time interactive documentary shows their life. 
And then distorts the video and story with the real-time global warming index. The film will never be the same. People will watch a weirder and more uncomfortable film as global warming index increases.


Final version is on process

Selected for Twisted Oyster Film Festival 2019

스크린샷 2021-01-10 오후 2.52.11.png
스크린샷 2021-01-10 오후 4.06.05.png
스크린샷 2021-01-10 오후 4.06.43.png
스크린샷 2021-01-10 오후 4.04.20.png
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