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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel Is a 90’s TV opera in 3 acts.  

Live streaming on Youtube and Facebook.

The first act is based on remakes of televised content, elevating Jingles to the level of art music, it suggests a deadly catastrophe that involves the moon is threatening earth.


The second act is built in a Cantata structure and takes place in a virtual space, it tells an abstract folktale, taken from the weather channel’s bible.


The third act is a duet between artificial intelligence and humanity, and through investigation of the inner psychology of artificial intelligence, it tries to decode something about humanity.

The opera is influenced by the retrofuturism of Vaporwave, Pop culture, and Experimental practices. It combines video art, music, performance and technology.


it is performed by four characters, 2 of them are human, and 2 are virtual. The Weather Channel uses the warmth of analogue comfort to cover up for cringy truths.


So... would you come and watch the Weather Channel with us?



Chanan Ben Simon

Chanan Ben Simon aka Ben Simone (March 1988) is a Musician, Vocalist and a Performance artist. born in Jerusalem, Brooklyn based.

“Toy store” - LP (2016)

Music for dance and theatre: MisEducated (Nyc 2019), Kedusha (Tel Aviv 2017) Tulips (Jerusalem 2016)

music for the art films/installations such as “Swallowed rooms”  (Jerusalem, 2017) Ah! Ah! Ah! (2014)

a member of the vocal performance ensembles - ABRA (israel) and Constellation Chor (NYC)

performer of contemporary experimental music
his work was performed all over the world (Israel, US, Berlin, Basel, Taiwan, Korea, Venice, Cyprus) and played on the Israeli TV and Radio.



Inkyoung Bae

Inkyoung Bae is a video and performance artist who depicts a weird but heart-warming world through surreal and fun images.

“Mom, am I doing well?” - Documentary(2013), Director. supported by National Geographic Channel Korea and KOCCA, invited to Jeju women Film Festival and got an entry for the Asian Side of Docs

“Muraho, Rwanda” - Documentary(2015), Assistant director and trailer editor

“Unreachable” - Interactive Installation Art (2019), Director. exhibited at Five Myles, Brooklyn

“Never Be the Same” - Interactive Documentary (2019), Director. selected to Twisted Oyster Film Festival

Animation for immersive theatre “Kingdom of Nothing” (Seoul, 2019) 

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