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Interactive Installation Art, 2019

Giant tall kiosk shows digital exclusion

Artist | Inkyoung Bae, Sangmin Chae

<Unreachable> is an inaccessible kiosk with 10 feet height. It represents the frustration of people with disability. 

It was exhibited at FiveMyles, Brooklyn.


The audience tried to reach the kiosk to get a free snack.

As they tried, interviews of people with disability popped up on the kiosk screen.

After the interview, the kiosk automatically printed a paper

which gave more information to the audience.

The audience could get a free sandwich with a small coupon below the paper.


<Unreachable> has collaborated with S.O.F.E.D.U.P,

the student disability rights organization at Brooklyn College.

Their experience and testimony are the key-content of <Unreachable>.

With conducting research and interview, we have built a relationship with them

to understand their deepest frustration of digitalized service.

We were also invited to S.O.F.E.D.U.P events to share the interviews with both people with and without disability.

Making Process

It was the first time for me to make an art piece for people with disability

so we were very careful about dealing with this topic.

It was meaningful to hear the voice of the people with disability.

Also, it was fun to have conversation with them and build the giant kiosk.

My beautiful PIMA friends helped me a lot! 


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